The Golden Toilet

Is Marketing Your Business a Pain in the A$$? Stop flushing your marketing budget into your website and build a system that grows your business.

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Many business owners waste their money on flashy marketing tactics that don’t provide any ROI.

The Golden Toilet transforms proven marketing principles into simple, practical tools entrepreneurs can use to connect with customers, build their online presence, and grow their business.


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What’s Inside:

  • The biggest ways business owners waste their marketing budget
  • Simple tactics you can follow to catch your customer’s attention
  • A breakdown of the four crucial components every brand needs to succeed
  • Guidelines for a simple holistic system you can use to grow your business

Grow Your Business Like a Boss

The concept of marketing is simple: let people know you exist. So why has the application become so damn confusing? You invest all your time and energy into shiny tactics that look like they’ll do the job, but you end up with nothing to show for it except a few grey hairs and a hole in your wallet.

As a marketer and business owner, author Steve Brown knows what business leaders face in today’s world as they fight to grow their business. He wrote The Golden Toilet to help entrepreneurs just like you cut through the confusion and move their business in the right direction.

The Golden Toilet features a holistic marketing system based on the four crucial elements used by the high-growth brands you love. It empowers entrepreneurs by distilling marketing principles into simple, practical tools. And the best part? There’s no BS—just good old-fashioned truth.

If you’re fed up with marketing ploys and tricks that never move the needle, this book is for you. Pick up your copy today and gain the knowledge you need to help your business succeed.


Download a Free Chapter


Steve Brown believes you, the entrepreneur, are the invisible hero of today’s economy.

You fight hard to create value for your customers and provide jobs for over half of the American workforce. As an entrepreneur himself, Steve knows what you face today as you fight to grow your business. That’s why, on The ROI Online Podcast, he introduces you to forward-thinking business leaders you can enjoy meeting.


Praise for The Golden Toilet

Image of JD Sherman Chief Operating Officer, HubSpot

I love the practical advice Steve gives us in this book! He reminds us that our website isn’t a shiny object; it’s our best sales and marketing tool, and it’s the doorway to our company. I’ve seen Steve’s system deliver results for our customers, and he’s laid it out in a clear and engaging way.

- JD Sherman Chief Operating Officer, HubSpot -

Image of Patrick Hanlon, author of Primal Branding

This book cuts through the marketing fog for small business owners–instead of flushing your dollars into a website, you need clear messaging, marketing and sales automation, and strategic campaigns. But how? That’s why you need to read this book!

- Patrick Hanlon, author of Primal Branding -

Image of Kyle Danner, EOS implementer

I thought I needed a new website to promote my practice working with family businesses. Instead, Steve showed me the bigger picture. He helped me create a process to attract the right people at the right time in an authentic and meaningful way.

- Kyle Danner, EOS implementer -

Image of Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates

The concepts presented in this book are critical to building the simple, effective online platform your customers are expecting from you. Don’t overthink this decision. Buy this book, and let Steve help you pull it off.

- Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates -

3 Ways to Get an ROI from Your Marketing

Buy the book The Golden Toilet

Purchase The Golden Toilet and find out how to create a marketing strategy that provides results.

Build Your Business Growth System

Follow the guidelines laid out in The Golden Toilet or hire the ROI Online team to do it for you.

Grow Your Business With Confidence

With The Golden Toilet, you’ll have clarity about your next steps and the tools you need to move your business in the right direction.