6 Reasons You Need to Read “The Golden Toilet” (Now in Stores!)

Posted by: Steve Brown

I’m a little biased when I say you need to read The Golden Toilet. I did write the dang thing after all.

But I wouldn’t have written it unless I knew there were some genuine marketing lessons you could learn from it, not just ways for me to advance my selfish endeavors.

So as hard as it was for me to narrow it down to 6 reasons, here are (only!?) 6 reasons you need to read The Golden Toilet (which is out in stores now).

1. There’s a Movement Afoot

The nature of marketing is transforming. I suppose that sentence is evergreen, but still––that’s no reason to ignore the evolution happening in our industry.

At the center of that transformation is an emphasis on story and messaging. And there’s no better way to zero in on your messaging than StoryBrand. In short, StoryBrand is a framework developed by Donald Miller (author of Building a StoryBrand) to zero in on your company’s message and tell it in a way that makes your customers the hero.

Companies that make themselves the heroes of their own brands will be left in the dust by StoryBranded companies.

Read The Golden Toilet to learn more about this movement.

2. You’re Wasting Money on Your Website

Surely you’ve seen a few golden toilet websites in your internet surfing days. You know the ones I’m talking about: They have flashy design, ultra-high-res-4K-3D-gif-enabled-animatronic images, and a whole bunch of other bells and whistles. It looks good, and you can brag to your parents about it, but those websites always beg the question:

Is it actually bringing in any business?

I call them golden toilets because the answer is, “No, they don’t bring in business.” You just flush your money into them and spend even more dough making them look good for no reason.

A simple, straight-forward website that operates as a content management system will do more than a shiny toilet of a website ever will.

Read The Golden Toilet to discover why and how to stop wasting money on your website.

3. Learn System-Based Marketing

The same way no fancy website will save you, no one piece of content will be the saving grace for your company. Your goal should be to create a library of helpful content that is distributed throughout your website. This is referred to as a content management system (or CMS for short).

Then, because you can’t do anything with people unless you connect with them first, you’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for your CMS with clear messaging.

You’ll learn tons more about building a CMS in The Golden Toilet.

4. Tech Is Changing

As Ned Stark said in Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.”

The winter of ever-changing technological advances is drawing near, and it’s easy to feel apprehensive. Every generation struggles to adapt to new technology––it’s intimidating, overwhelming, and full of uncertainty.

Take solace in the fact that every older generation blames the newer generation for ruining the world with their technology. It’s as inevitable as winter rolling in after fall.

With more tech solutions available than ever (such as chatbots, automated email lists, and smart document software) more business owners will operate out of fear. From that place of fear, more people spend money on what they know and what they think they’re supposed to spend money on: Facebook ads and their website.

Instead of operating out of fear and losing money in the process, read The Golden Toilet to learn more about how to adapt to the changing technological climate.

5. You’re Running an Entrepreneurial Gauntlet

I used to watch this wacky TV show called Wipeout. Did you ever see it?

It was a game show where the poor contestants stumbled and bumbled along a soaking wet obstacle course not knowing where the next punch was coming from. The first time I watched that show I thought to myself:

This is exactly what a day in the life of a small business owner looks like.

Our days can often feel like they’re nothing but an endless series of unforeseen obstacles intended to knock us on our ass while crowds cheer, commentators laugh, and audiences tune in. The only difference is we don’t get any of the fancy safety gear.

Having said that, my question for you is:

How much longer do you think you can run that gauntlet before you slip and fall into the water?The answer to getting out of the gauntlet is (in part) nailing down your messaging, marketing automation, sales automation, and strategic campaigns. Learn more about the small business gauntlet in The Golden Toilet.

6. Your Sales Process Is Held Together with Bubblegum and Scotch Tape

I’m shocked at how many small businesses don’t have a customer relationship management system (CRM). And if they do have one, they barely use it.

Here’s the short of it: a mediocre salesman using a bare-bones CRM will beat an amazing salesman just winging it 9 times out of 10.

Using the CRM as the foundation of sales automation, The Golden Toilet will convince you to create a system that takes your salesmen out of the equation until the very end of the process: closing time.

Scott Adams says, “Goals are for losers, systems are for winners.” I agree. As it relates to sales, the equation looks like this…

Any Salesperson + Any System > Any Salesperson + No System

Think about it this way:

How much more effective would your sales team be if they had more defined systems and resources rather than relying on sticky notes, notebooks, spreadsheets, and Tupperware containers packed with business cards?

Good Marketing Help Is Hard to Find

I encourage you to read The Golden Toilet, even if you never want to work with me. The most important reason is that you’ll actually learn from the book.

It’s hard to know who to trust in this marketing game. There are so many snake oil salesmen you assume everyone has an ulterior motive. Frankly, I don’t blame you.

And that’s why you need to read The Golden Toilet: to give you the framework to rethink your marketing focus.

Buy it today and see for yourself.

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