Applying Clear Messaging to Your Business—A Lesson I Learned By Messing Up

Posted by: Steve Brown

I talk a lot about clear messaging and how important it is to your business. If you can’t tell people—your employees, prospects, etc.—what it is you do and have them understand immediately, you’re losing money, period.

But Brian Burkhart of Square Planet and I sat down for his podcast, Square Planet, to talk about this in more detail.

More specifically, we talked about how taking my own advice proved to be more helpful than I could have even thought—who knew I was so smart.

Square Stories: Diving Deeper into Clear Messaging

Brian sets up his podcast in four parts: what you’ve done, what you’re doing, what you’ve learned along the way, and what’s on the horizon.

And besides the parts where I talk about standing up to my brother’s bully by setting their fence on fire—no, really, I did that—the question Brian posed got me thinking about clear messaging.

He asked me to describe one thing in business I’d never do again.

I don’t know what most people say when they’re thinking about all the mistakes they’ve made along the way, but for me the answer is clear: it’s all about using clear messaging to get your story straight.

If you want to run a business, you need to know what you do and who you help, but you also have to know where you’re going so you can communicate that to your prospects, customers, and employees. Everything you say and do should be in service of where your business is headed.

Clear Messaging In Action 

If you don’t know where you’d like your business to be in three years time, how can you expect your employees to help you get there?

Even if they have good intentions, if they don’t know where “there” is, the work they do may or may not hit the mark. In fact, it could take you further away from where you’d like to go even though they thought they were doing the right thing and did great work.

Brian said it’s like laying out a map and saying, “we’re going here,” but not point to any location.

If you’re leading people around a vision you have for the future of your business, you’d better know where exactly it is you’re headed—and be able to tell that to everyone around you.

Create Your Vision 

To put this in action for yourself, get a copy of Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold, read it, and do the exercises for yourself—don’t procrastinate in getting this done like I did because you’ll see a profound impact on your business.

And, if you’re still struggling to improve your messaging and communication, you can sign up for the QuickStart Academy where we’ll help you figure out where you’re going in your business and how to get there.

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