Change Your Mindset When it Comes to Marketing: My Conversation with Tibor Nagy on The Mindset Horizon Podcast

Posted by: Steve Brown

Our brains were designed millions of years ago to help us survive and keep us safe.

The problem? Modern marketing doesn’t speak to the human brain in the right way to cut through the noise and get people to pay attention, so entrepreneurs just like you are finding it harder to reach ideal customers and grow a business.

Tibor Nagy and I recently had a conversation for The Mindset Horizon Podcast about this very thing.

Tibor’s focus is on all the ways people can change their mindset in order to reach their full potential. During our talk, we discussed all the ways you can change your mindset to find success in your business. 

The Problem with Modern Marketing

The modern world has changed, but your brain hasn’t.

Your brain was designed to keep you safe and help you thrive. It was created before language, before writing, before we became an industrialized society focused on getting everything it can from consumers—a term which brings to mind an image of cows with credit cards if you ask me.

Why does that matter?

Because your customers have a brain just like yours. They’re as hyper-vigilant and focused on safety, avoiding danger at every turn. They have a bodyguard protecting their time and attention from things that don’t matter. And they too understand information best when it’s presented in the form of a story—a story they are the hero of.

Modern marketing forgets this.

Modern marketing targets consumers using robots—think of this as the ads on any major platform for example—rather than by remembering that your customers are humans just like you. 

Use This to Your Advantage, Change Your Mindset

If you can shift your focus to your customer and the problems your business helps them solve, you’re already ahead of the game in your business.

That means, designing your messaging to be clear no matter if a customer comes to your website, a landing page, watches a video you’re on, gets an email from you, or hears from/about you in any other way, so they feel safe at every turn.

It means optimizing for the human experience and implementing HEO (Human Experience Optimization) over SEO, so they pay attention and trust you over all their other options.

And, it means creating a marketing system that treats your customer as if they’re the hero of the story, a story that transforms you and your business into the guide able to help them solve their problems, so you honor how their brain is wired.

All of which gives you a huge competitive advantage.

How This Shows Up for You, the Entrepreneur

One of the biggest challenges in modern marketing today is creating a website.

Why? Because on some level, you might understand that you need to have one. But you don’t realize that your website should fit into a bigger marketing strategy.

And you don’t have the proper mindset, plan, and language to communicate that overall strategy, so you end up wasting time and money trying to build a website that doesn’t really do anything for you—even when it looks good.

If you had the right plan, vocabulary, and mindset then you would be prepared to get your online presence—your marketing system as a whole—figured out.

That’s what we do: help you think and talk in the right ways to make your business more successful.

We help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy that helps move the needle in the right direction to get you more ROI from your efforts, including, but not limited to your website.

Find out how we can help you today by joining our QuickStart Academy, where you’ll learn all about how to shift your mindset to solve the right problems for yourself and your customers.