How HubSpot Helps with Marketing Automation

Posted by: Steve Brown

Your website is like a delinquent teenager.

You would expect your teenager to be useful around the house—take out the trash, help with the dishes, and clean their room—without asking them. Adulting is what I believe the kids call it nowadays.

But the truth of the matter is, while it’s a reasonable expectation, reality requires way more work. Your teenager needs a lot of coaxing (and maybe a bribe or two) to get their chores done on time. And if you’re like most parents, you know that it takes less work and is more efficient if you just do the damn chore yourself while your teenager sits in their bedroom staring at their phone.

Similarly, if you expect your website to help you grow your business all on its own––to do the chores of your company without your effort––you have another thing coming. Stop leaving all of your company’s success up to a lazy, unhelpful teenager.

Automate your website (or, should I say, your Content Management System), because adding marketing automation to your website is like adding maturity to a teenager.

Really quickly: the reason we refer to so-called “websites” as Content Management Systems is because:

If you think about it as a website, you will only think of it as a static online brochure.

If you think about it as a Content Management System, you will place more value on the content you create, which will provide a more helpful user experience (like the big brands do).

A good CMS coupled with marketing automation helps you deliver the experience your potential customers expect and desire, which allows you to reap the benefits of an ongoing sales relationship.

HubSpot, the top marketing software company available, has a large suite of tools to help you automate your website and transform it from an argumentative teenager who doesn’t see the point in helping with chores, to a mature, helpful teenager you’d be proud to introduce to your friends and colleagues.

What Does Marketing Automation Look Like In Action?

Before I get into the details of marketing automation, I want to make one thing clear: without quality content, nothing I tell you in this article will get you more clients. It all comes back to quality content, whether that’s blogs, videos, or downloadable offers. You need something to bring people to your CMS. Otherwise, you won’t have any way to nurture leads into customers.

Got it? Okay, now let’s dig in…

If you take only one thing from this article, make it this:

The #1 goal of marketing automation is to get your potential customers’ information. These names and email addresses are like gold nuggets for your business.

The way to get them is to first consider is those potential customers’ place in the buyer’s journey.

Immature websites assume everyone is at the same stage of the buyer’s journey (whether it’s the awareness, consideration, or decision stage). The content on these sites is either too salesy or not salesy enough. The site lacks helpful information and leaves customers with more questions swimming around their head than they had to begin with.

Mature websites, with effective marketing automation, know that one size does not fit all. Different people need different experiences in order to feel comfortable enough to purchase. These sites have a variety of content—like helpful guides, informative videos, and in-depth case studies—and resources to lead them to the most helpful content.

How HubSpot Helps

Here are a few examples of HubSpot tools that help make your marketing automation as smooth and comfortable for your customers as possible:

Custom Bots––Bots are a great tool to assist and inform new customers with simple requests such as retrieving helpful information, setting up meetings, and even making purchases.

When you ask a delinquent teenager how to get to the bathroom in the house, they shrug their shoulders and say, “You figure it out, moron.” A mature teenager will smile and say, “I can absolutely help you with that. Follow me!” Chat bots help your customers find their way through the house that is your CMS.

Knowledge Base––HubSpot has a large library of resources to not only help you create and disseminate your own content but also to zero in on what types of content you should be creating. Start with these resources:

Free Content Creation Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide

CRM––HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Manager is completely free and is an excellent resource. It helps you keep track of those golden nuggets you get as a result of your marketing automation––everything from your prospect’s email address and the last time you emailed them to their daughter’s birthday and their favorite products.

Email Marketing and Automation––You can automatically send personalized and beautifully-designed emails through HubSpot and measure their effectiveness. They have a free course dedicated to doing email marketing effectively.

On ROI Online’s website, every time a visitor clicks on a direct or transitional call to action––in our case, to download a free guide or schedule a consultation––their information is automatically entered as a customer record in our HubSpot CRM.

It even tells us what time they clicked on the link and the information they traded to get the content offer, such as their name and email address.

HubSpot also automatically changes their lifecycle in the new contact record (such as lead or client) and puts them into the corresponding email list (this is called smart list segmentation), and automatically follows up with a thank you email.

Pretty slick, huh?

Check this out, it gets even better…

If that candidate doesn’t take any action after downloading our guide, HubSpot will send an email encouraging them to schedule a call.

All of this happens without me or anyone in our company knowing because it’s all automated. I just get a calendar notification one day saying the prospect has scheduled a call.

Yes, marketing automation like this takes a lot of work on the front end––such as creating the email series and creating the chatbot responses––but if you put in that work you’ll reap the benefits for months or years.

Before marketing automation, I would have had a prospect’s information hiding somewhere in my email inbox, totally disorganized and out of sight from the rest of my team.

Now I can go into this database and gather insights into my prospects and build other systems out of that information (such as sales automation) and take advantage of these nuggets of gold.

Kevin Hart’s Golden Nuggets

I learned the following anecdote from the Ryan Holiday book Perennial Seller:

Kevin Hart was struggling in his standup career, so he hit the road to build his fanbase. But he didn’t just go to cities he knew would give him big crowds––he specifically sought out cities where people didn’t know his name. Places where he could get new fans.

And rather than letting those new fans just disappear after each show, he had an assistant put a business card at each table in the comedy clubs saying, “Kevin Hart needs to know who you are,” and asked for their email address.

He then collected those email addresses (golden nuggets) and organized them into a spreadsheet that was segmented by location. That way he could message them whenever he was coming to their town.

He traveled and performed and gathered email addresses in new cities for four years. By the end, he had built an enormous database of loyal fans, the core of which helped him become one of the most successful comedians in the world.

If he hadn’t gathered that information, those fans might have enjoyed his act when they happened to find him, but they would have had no way to follow his work after the show.

That’s what you need to do with your marketing automation. When a new person gets on your website, their information is a potential golden nugget. And if you have a way to capture that nugget, you will eventually be rich.

The Bigger Your Email List, the More Valuable It Is

I know Kevin Hart may sound like a teenager, but he’s actually got it right:

The best marketing automation is built off of the nuggets of gold––email addresses––that you can only acquire with an accommodating, mature teenager of a Content Management System.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing automation, read my book The Golden Toilet. If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot tools and how you can use them to create your own mature Content Management System, schedule a free strategy session.

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