How Marketing and Sales Work Together

Posted by: Steve Brown

What’s better than having a conversation about marketing and sales?

Having a conversation with StoryBrand Guide Allan Langer about marketing and sales while drinking a Bombay Sapphire on the rocks for his podcast Marketing and Sales over Cocktails.

And yes, by the end, I was tipsy. 

Everyone Loves Marketing

Allan was recently the only salesperson to speak at a virtual conference about marketing—and he almost didn’t get the job.

How did he manage to get the gig?

He pitched himself as the person who can show you what to do with your leads once you have their contact information.

In other words, the same things that come up time and time again when I talk to my clients (and why I wrote my book): the point of marketing is to get you someone’s contact information—to create a lead—but once you have that, you still have to sell to them or you’re going to go out of business.

Because the truth is, everyone loves to try new and innovative things when it comes to marketing. But the very word ‘sales’ makes you think of a smarmy used car salesman and you never want to follow up with the leads you generate.

How to Combine Sales In a Way that Doesn’t Make You Uncomfortable

You need to treat your business like it’s a process. That means setting up systems for marketing, for your website, and, yes, even for sales.

But it’s not just about forcing someone to buy whatever you’re selling even if they don’t need it.

The process you implement should take your customer on a journey. It should set up certain expectations for how you’re going to solve their problem and then fulfill those promises during every interaction they have with your company.

Sales isn’t about forcing them to purchase. It’s about providing them with value and changing their life.

When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Bring in the Cocktails

Not only do Allan and I cover what this process looks like and how you can do it for yourself—without spending excessive amounts of money on unnecessary website tweaks, tools you don’t need, or things that don’t provide an ROI—but we do so in a fun way.

So grab a cocktail of your own, and listen to us talk about how marketing and sales should work together in a business system that works for your company.

Don’t have time to do all the work yourself?

That’s where my company, ROI Online can help. We’ll teach you how to implement this system for yourself in our new QuickStart Academy, where we give you the tools to get your business foundation set up properly.

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