Golden Toilet Money: Avoid Wasteful Spending And Implement a Marketing Strategy that Works

Posted by: Steve Brown

By now, you’ve certainly seen other brands doing well online and think you have to show up there too. Even before the global pandemic, you probably had a sense you needed to switch from traditional marketing tactics to modern strategies.

The problem? You don’t know how—and you’re wasting money because of it.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: I think I need to redo my website and I think I need social media help and I think I’m supposed to say SEO. You might not use those words exactly, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had more or less this exact conversation with prospects.

So, Amy Foley of Inbound BackOffice and I had a chat earlier this year on her podcast about how wasting money on your website is like buying a golden toilet—and how to not fall into that trap yourself. 

The Trap of Over-Spending

I’m willing to bet that as an entrepreneur you wear 20 different hats all at once on any given day, even when you’re not an expert. It’s something I love about business owners—that they aren’t afraid to jump in and get things done.

But when you lack expertise in an area (say marketing), it’s easy to spend a bunch of money on things you don’t need because you’re doing the best you can based on what you know.

It breaks my heart to hear stories—and I have a few myself—of people getting burned by spending on things they think they need, but that don’t actually fit into their business.

For example, a chatbot.

I have nothing against chatbots, I use one myself, but if you get manipulated into buying one, what happens if it offends your salespeople? Or doesn’t improve your sales process at all?

Not every bit of technology is perfect for every business.

Money you’ve spent on a website (in general and on all the bells and whistles) but that doesn’t provide a significant ROI is golden toilet money—it isn’t worth spending.

When you instead understand what your website is for—when you have the right words and proper expectations—you’ll stop wasting all your money and start to move the needle in the right direction.

How Do You See More ROI?

You need to implement a strategy. A strategy that starts out on the strong foundation of clear messaging and fits technology that makes sense into your overall business process.

To help you do this, think of your website like a toilet: every house has one but we don’t hang out there when company’s over.

Your website should be functional, but it’s only one part of the overall system.

Go read, listen to podcasts, learn from others, watch videos, attend (virtual) workshops, and more so you’re not vulnerable to manipulation or emotional golden toilet spending.

If you can’t build the system yourself, that’s exactly what my company, ROI Online does for our clients: we teach you the components of a successful marketing strategy are and how to best use them for yourself. We want you to grow your business, help your sales, and communicate better with your employees, customers, and prospects.

Check out our QuickStart Academy to learn more about creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that works for your business. It’ll teach you how NOT to spend golden toilet money ever again.