Your Author Website Is Wrong: How to Build a Book Website That Sells

Posted by: Steve Brown

Sacha Black of The Rebel Author Podcast and I recently sat down—virtually, of course—to talk about everything you’re doing wrong with your author website.

Yes, even you, fiction writer.

I see you hiding in the back, acting like you don’t count because you’re not a “real business owner,” writing a book to promote your services.

The truth is, every writer is a business person to some extent because every author needs to sell books to make money—whether it’s to earn a living, support your writing, or just to get other people to read your words.

And in order to do that, you need a system. 

Wait, A System? What Do You Mean? 

I mean that everything you do as an author should help you get closer to your goal: to sell your books.

Among many things, your system includes the way you design your covers, whether or not you blog or show up on social media, your email list, and, of course, your website.

It’s about making sure what you say and where you show up helps your fans find you and helps you communicate with them long-term. So you can keep selling books, and your fans can keep reading (or listening to) content they enjoy. Win-win. 

What About Your Author Website?

Your website is an asset you own that helps your potential fans know whether or not you are for them.

You probably write to a particular persona, right? You have someone in mind who will love your books and other people you encourage to stay away.

Understanding your audience is just as important when it comes to marketing.

Because your website should do the same thing reader personas do. A visitor on your site should get a feel for who you are and what you write—and whether or not that interests them—just by looking at your website.

That means, your website should make it clear you’re an author, should visibly display your offer—both your books and your email list—and should help you build a relationship with your fans long-term.

And, it should help people who aren’t going to be your fans move on and find someone else without too much wasted time.

Marketing Strategies Apply to Authors, Too

The same thinking that goes into designing your book covers or even writing your books needs to go into building a website that helps you achieve your goals and keep making money. If you want to be able to keep writing books, that is.

Engaging your audience is easier to do with a strategy specifically designed to help you sell books by building relationships.

That means building a website that achieves specific goals. It means making sure everything you do, including your website, is purposeful and strategic.

You can find out more about what I mean by reading my book, The Golden Toilet. Or, if you know your in over your head and need help with marketing, check out the QuickStart Academy, and we’ll teach you what to do.

And for more of my conversation with Sacha, check out my interview on The Rebel Author Podcast: What You’re Doing Wrong with your Author Website.