Surviving An All Is Lost Moment - When The Status Quo No Longer Works For Your Business

Posted by: Steve Brown

In story, an “All Is Lost Moment” is when the character reaches the point in their adventure when they can no longer use their prevailing perspective, worldview, and toolset to solve whatever problem they’re facing. It’s when they’re furthest away from reaching their goal, but also when they realize a change has to be made in order to achieve it.

Think John McClain in Die Hard when he’s pulling glass out of his feet and talking to Al, the cop, about what he should tell his wife if he doesn’t make it out alive.

What does any of this have to do with you and your business?

Besides the fact that you’re as much a hero as John McClain for having the guts to run your own business, you might face your own All Is Lost Moment as it relates to the status quo, business as usual, and the changing times we’re facing. 

It’s not fair that powers outside your control are potentially sinking your business, and that that means you have to find a way to change with it or be forgotten and go out of business. Luckily, you’re not alone in your struggle. 

The Problem With The Status Quo

The way you have always done business just won’t cut it anymore. You may have gotten by on word of mouth marketing and a sparkling reputation, but that’s not the way things work nowadays.

And as much as we’d like to blame Coronavirus and hope things go “back to normal” when it’s over, the shift in how you effectively do business started long before the pandemic.

Employees of the generation relying on out-dated, interruption-based marketing techniques—and their network connections—are currently retiring, taking with them the ability to survive solely on who you know. 

Change Is The Enemy

You might be thinking, “What if I don’t change? What if I dig in my heels and refuse to conform?”

And you could try that.

But, you’d be competing against every other business implementing strategies and tools that make the customer—your customer—the hero of their own story. You’d be competing against companies who use story to make those customers feel seen and understood and who respect their time in the process.

Because of that, you’d become irrelevant within the changing landscape. 

How Can You Survive?

If you’re brave enough to leave your comfort zone, just like John McClain and every hero before and after him, your business can thrive.

You need to embrace the power of story, implement effective technology, and get help when you need it. It’s easier said than done, but the good news is: it is possible. You can survive. 

The Process

Every great hero has a guide leading them on the path to their success. For Luke Skywalker, it’s Obi One. For your customer, it’s you. And for you, well, you’re gonna need a guide to get through it, too.

You might not think you need one, but consider where you are now without working with a guide. If you decide you do need help, see what ROI can do for you. 

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Success means thriving even when the business landscape looks dire. It means being able to pivot when change inevitably comes.

Your business can succeed. You just need the tools and knowhow. 

All Is Lost - Survive And Thrive

In story, reaching an All Is Lost Moment is almost inevitable. In life, nothing is predictable. Incorporating story and technology into your business practices isn’t something fun to do in your free time; it’s do or die.

See how ROI Online can help you implement these tools and reach a successful conclusion, or rather, the new beginning to running your business effectively and with a solid foundation. 

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