Say “No” to Consumer Mindset

Posted by: Steve Brown

When we want to make a change in our lives, the things we struggle with most are: 1) what is the priority, and 2) where should we start.

In my recent conversation with Michelle S on her podcast, Say NO to Me, we talk about the answer to those questions for you, the business owner struggling to find or create more success for yourself.

The short answer? Start by making it a priority to stop buying into the consumer mindset. 

Seeing Customers As Consumers Is Costing You

Most businesses see their customers as consumers—or faceless revenue-delivering units.

And they come by it honestly, right? Especially when big businesses—where we often get our examples of what a “successful business” looks like—don’t care if they lose one customer among the many.

They care about driving the masses to make decisions not necessarily about how those individuals feel about the product or experience. Instead, it’s all about getting the largest number of people to buy without considering why those people matter.

But the truth is, those people do matter. Those are the people you’re trying to help with the solutions your business offers.

If you pay attention to how their brain operates, how you can best serve them, and how to create an experience that makes them feel safe and understood every time they interact with your company, you’ll likely gain life-long customers who rave about you to everyone they know.

Creating an experience for your customers that is built on the principles I talk about in my book,The Golden Toilet, is not only advantageous, it’s becoming essential. 

Moving from AntiHuman to Human

How do you focus on pivoting your strategy back to consider your customers rather than consumers?

You implement the strategies of the Business GrowthStack: clear messaging, marketing and sales automation, and using a strategic campaign mindset. Michelle and I go into them on the Say NO to Me podcast episode.

And you always keep in mind that everyone you work with is a human, just like you. Every interaction they have with your business should be cognizant of this fact and direct how you treat them.

If you need help with what this looks like in action for your own company—because Michelle and I do go through an example of this on the episode—check out our QuickStart Academy today.

The QuickStart Academy will teach you how to create a business strategy that works toward achieving the specific goals you set for yourself and your business—which we have you clearly define.