When What You’ve Always Done Stops Working, You Need a Marketing Strategy

Posted by: Steve Brown

If you’re in a business that relies heavily on word of mouth marketing and a “good old boys” network, one day you might wake up and find that it no longer works.

Or maybe you already have—and I say that not as a “know-it-all” marketer, but as someone sincerely sorry you’ve had to face this realization.

It’s terrifying when your business stops bringing in money and you don’t know why. I’d probably resist walking away from the status quo when it’s worked for so long if I were in your shoes because change is scary. What if it doesn’t work?

But just because change is scary, doesn’t mean it’s not also necessary.

Reaching this crossroads means you’ve got two choices: you can either sit and lament the good old days passing you by. Or, you can do something about it so your business doesn’t fade away and die right before your eyes.

It’s not fair you have to pivot your business—a business that could be 50 years old for that matter—but you’re not alone in your struggles either. 

Following the Status Quo

The way you’ve always done business is no longer working.

Let me say that again for those in the back napping—though no shame to my fellow back-row nappers—the way you’ve always done business doesn’t work anymore.

Relying on word of mouth marketing tactics in the age where everyone expects you to be online and digital isn’t going to keep your business afloat like it used to.

That’s because you need to be able to reach your customers where they are—even when they can’t leave their homes—and where they are is usually somewhere online. Moving to a digital platform isn’t about throwing out all those old relationships, it’s about building them in a new way that accounts for the changing landscape of our culture.

You still need to create lasting relationships based on a solid foundation of trust and understanding, but you’re doing so effectively when you’ve got a solid, comprehensive marketing strategy in place. 

Why Change?

What if you’re the one-in-a-million company that doesn’t have to change and can stay in business doing things the way you’ve always done them?

Well, you can try that. And I hope it works for you, I really do, but that’s not a chance I’d be willing to take.

Especially because companies in all markets—not just mine—are finding the need to pivot in order to maintain their expected level of success. And, if you think about it, if everyone else in your industry makes these changes and meets the customer—your customer—where they are, doesn’t that already make things harder for you and prompt you to change somehow?

My guess is, you’d like to make changes that make sense and are relevant to your business. 

How Do You Build a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy?

If you haven’t gotten sick of me mentioning the Business GrowthStack yet, you’re in for a treat.

The way you implement a marketing strategy that moves the needle in the direction you’d like to move is by learning the elements of the GrowthStack and implementing according to who your customers are and what you’re doing for them.

It’s all about making the elements of your business work together towards the same goals and giving you clarity on your ROI as it relates to your goals. 

What Does Success Look Like?

How do you know if your comprehensive marketing strategy, or GrowthStack, is working?

Your strategy works when you know how everything your doing fits into an overall strategy and gets you a measurable and repeatable ROI.

You should know where you’re going, be able to describe that to your customers, your employees, and your prospects, and you should be able to pivot your tactics based on the data you’ve collected about what’s working and what isn’t.

Essentially, you have a goal you’re working towards and everything you—or your employees do—moves you in that direction.

How ROI Online Fits In

If you’ve tried to create a marketing strategy in the past and failed, you don’t need to keep barreling forward, you need a guide.

At ROI Online, we understand how busy you are keeping your business afloat and how frustrating it is to try and add marketing on top of all that.

We believe you can succeed. We believe you can implement a strategy that moves you in the direction of your goals as you define them.

We also believe you don’t have to go it alone.

Find out how we can help you understand, create, and enjoy a comprehensive marketing strategy that moves the needle for you and actually works.