What You Really Mean When You Say You Need “Marketing Help”

Posted by: Steve Brown

When folks first started coming to ROI Online looking for help with their “marketing,” I quickly realized we were speaking different languages.

They talked about SEO, social media, and keyword stuffing.

I’m more interested in HEO (Human Experience Optimization), automation, and high-quality content.

I mean, we were both still speaking English, but only technically. It was like those old kung-fu movies. You know: the ones where the actors are speaking Chinese, but the subtitles are in English, so their mouths move out of sync?

Joking aside, I don’t actually knock these business owners for not knowing how to ask for the help they need (after all, entrepreneurs often don’t know all the answers). They were just using the best words they knew to tell us they needed “marketing help.”

If you need marketing help, it’s best to know what you’re actually asking for so you can get it. Otherwise, you could end up getting services that don’t help your business a lick.

What You’re Really Asking For

Here’s a better translation of what you’re looking for:

I know I need to step up and attempt to figure out this online marketing thing. I see it working for other brands, and I know my customers expect the same experience from our online platform.

But I don’t exactly know where to start or who to trust.

I do know I want to avoid the awful experience I had the last time we redid our website because it was a frustrating waste of my time and money. It really didn’t move the needle for our business.

I have to figure this out, and I’m not confident I can do it by myself. That’s why I’m here talking to you today. I hope I can trust you. Please help me

Is that getting to the core of what you need?

If so, let’s stop for a second and try to understand what you actually need when you say you need marketing help.

What The PGA Tour Can Teach Us About “Marketing Help”

Think of a golfer on the PGA tour. The golfer himself is the one taking all the swings, competing on the course, and delivering (or not). That golfer is just like sales in your business. Nothing else matters––not the type of clubs he uses, or the sponsorships, or the visors he wears––if the golfer doesn’t put the little white ball in the cup.

But the golfer can’t make it all happen on his own. He needs support. That’s why he always has a caddie.

The caddie helps support the golfer by giving him the right tools (clubs) and information to make the most out of every opportunity. In an ideal world, they should be working together to improve. As such, the caddie is just like marketing in your business.

Sales and marketing––golfer and caddie––make up the mighty duo on the course. But what about off the course? How do people perceive the golfer’s style of play? Who does he appeal to? What’s his lifestyle? What products does he use and endorse? That’s just like branding in your business.

The audience Tiger Woods appeals to is likely different than the audience Sergio Garcia appeals to. All because they each have a unique brand that affects who connects with them.

Think of it this way: Your brand is how people feel after interacting with your company.

A PGA Tour golfer also has to think consciously about which tournaments he enters. He doesn’t want to only go for the Majors and nothing else––that wouldn’t give him very many opportunities for success, even though the payout would be higher. But he also doesn’t want to only travel around the world dominating local country club scrubs because that would be a waste of his time.

Instead, he wants to find a nice mix: tournaments that offer him both a decent shot at winning and a decent shot of getting paid. The tournaments he chooses to enter will ultimately impact how he prepares and the resources he allocates (such as travel and accommodation) throughout the year. This is just like ad campaigns in your business.

Ad campaigns are a way to create a focused strategy to reach a specific goal. Whether you want to get more people on the phone, or you want to win more sales, you have to allocate resources appropriately to get what you want.

Get Some Real Marketing Help

When you say you want “marketing help,” that’s like saying you want a caddie. That may be true––and you may be a good enough golfer to capitalize on a high-quality caddie––but that’s only one part of a successful business.

You may actually need to work on your swing (sales automation), create more high-quality content, or focus on HEO (over SEO) before you can make good on any marketing efforts in the first place.

I could get the most expensive caddie in the world––guaranteed to take 10 strokes off my score!––but if my swing stinks, I’m only going from shooting a 115 to 105.

To learn more about how marketing, sales, branding, and ad campaigns fit together to grow your business, check out my new book, The Golden Toilet.

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