Your Website is Just a Toilet, So Stop Flushing Your Money Into It

Posted by: Steve Brown

I recently sat down with Mark Harris of The Enterprise Doctor Business Show to have a conversation about why your website is like a toilet—and how it becomes a golden toilet when all you do is flush money into it without seeing a return on the investment.

Mark helps small businesses with a variety of services, in particular, his expertise is in sales performance.

Together, we had a great conversation about what it’s like to work with clients who think they need help with their marketing.

A Typical Conversation with a Prospect

I’ve seen it many times before. When someone just like you comes to me looking to improve your business, you’ll ask for a website, social media, help with ads, or SEO.

Typically, you’ll say something like, “Steve, I have a feeling I need to get my shit together online but I have no idea where to start. I’ve heard I need to show up in search, can you help me do that?”

The problem isn’t that I can’t help you—I can. The problem is that we’re not speaking the same language.

And if we aren’t speaking the same language and we don’t have clear expectations about what you’re really asking for—to use a metaphor from the podcast—it would be malpractice to give you exactly what you want. 

What do I mean?

I mean that, if I were a doctor and you came to me telling me that your stomach hurt and so therefore you needed your appendix taken out, I should first check and see if I come to the same conclusion before scheduling the surgery, right?

You may be right and your appendix may have to come out, but wouldn’t you rather I weigh in on whether or not that’s actually true before I take your appendix? What if I didn’t check and we later found out the gallbladder was really the issue?

That’s a lot of money and body parts to just take you—the patient—on your word, isn’t it?

The same is true when it comes to marketing and your website. What you ask for shouldn’t be exactly what I give you or neither one of us would be happy. 

How Does Your Website Fit In?

When you ask for help with your website or social media, you have the assumption that the foundation of your business is already in place. What I’ve found is that that’s rarely the case.

Your website is like a toilet.

You wouldn’t buy a house or an office space that didn’t have a toilet, but is that where everyone always hangs out? No, of course not. It would be weird if we did.

Instead, your website is a piece of the puzzle, but it’s only a piece of a bigger strategy: one that sets your business up on a solid foundation so that you can scale and pivot whenever the time comes to do so.

What are those fundamentals?

Clear messaging, utilizing the technology of the day (a CMS, your website, marketing automation), creating a contact record by meeting a prospect’s expectations every time they interact with you (sales automation), and using strategic campaigns.

In other words, the Business GrowthStack.

I always recommend to my clients to stop seeing their website and instead see a system. Your website is a piece of that bigger, cohesive system. It should accommodate a sales conversation, a hiring situation, or even existing customers, but it’s only a unique piece of a system that’s already there and working toward a specific goal for your business.

Find Out More

To listen to the episode, check out The Enterprise Doctor Business Show for yourself. It’s a 2-part series on utilizing your website effectively (without wasting money) and what effective marketing looks like.

If you already listened and/or read my book, The Golden Toilet, and still need help with your marketing, check out the newly launched QuickStart Academy where we help people just like you implement the things we talk about, like the Business GrowthStack, for themselves.

It’s a great opportunity to see the tools in action for yourself and your business and to push yourself to take the next step.